Laboratorio de Química Supramolecular y Sistemas Nanoestructurados

En la interfase entre la química supramolecular y los materiales nanoestructurados


Supramolecular Chemistry and Nanostructured Systems Laboratory

At the interface of supramolecular chemistry and nanostructured materials

SuNaLab recent updates and activities Lic. Catalina Cabana Saavedra from SuNaLab, was selected to participate in the SP Advanced School on Colloids, which will be held at...
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PhD Thesis and Postdocs
Doctoral Thesis Defense for Erica Pachón Gomez this Thursday, April, 19 at 11 h, in the Auditorio Integrador de la Facultad (04/2018) Self-Assembled Systems of Gemini Surfactants...
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